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Kathleen Turner Hit by Baseball, Michael Douglas Doesn't Care! CARES!

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Nope, not kidding. Though it ain't the Hollywood stars, and this isn't a sequel to The War of the Roses. This is a different Kathleen Turner, who was hit by a baseball at a Las Vegas 51s game.

Now I've never been to a 51s game (though I dig that they didn't cram an unnecessary apostrophe into their name), but I've been to many ball games. Anyone in the stands is aware that a foul ball could come screaming at them. Many bring their own gloves for just such an occasion. Suing because she didn't "heads up" when the ball was tipped in her direction is just silly. I'm glad Michael Douglas (and the other judges involved) agree.

UPDATE: As was pointed out in the comments section below, I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Michael Douglas did care after all! He was a dissenter in his opinion. My fault for not reading all the way through to the end. . .


'BASEBALL RULE': Injured fan strikes out in court
Read it at: Las Vegas Review-Journal


  1. You need to get your facts straight...a ticket does say that about the seats but on the ticket it doesn't mention an uncovered restaurant and there were absolutely NO signs posted warning people. Where the woman was sitting you couldn't see the ball coming. You shouldn't make jokes about something you know nothing about...I don't think it is funny to mock someone who was seriously injured. But then again who cares what you think! :-)

  2. Excuse me? No one cares what I think? Wouldn't the same be true in reverse?

    This is my blog, and I report on things that interest me. In this case, the only thing that truly interested me was the fact that two of the names involved were Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. It would have been just as funny if it were Tom Cruise and Paul Newman.

    As for getting hit with a ball at a ball park. . .no I don't think anybody should be compensated for that. It's a known risk when you enter a ball park, regardless of what it says on the ticket.

  3. James--apparently you didn't read the story because Michael Douglas was for this woman--not against. I know your point is the names but I thought I would just point that out because what you said was infact an untrue statement.

  4. Thanks, Nanci. I guess some jokes just don't work out like you hope. I actually based this story one a news item from the radio, and found the text source for my blog piece.

    I'll try to do better in the future, but I'll leave this post as is, with your comment as my correction. And you're right, I had no actual interest in the details of the story. Just tryin' to be funny.

    But it goes to show you the adage in my mission statement: don't believe a word I say! Do your homework, check it out for yourself! So, ah. . .you're a good student, and I meant to do that! Yeah, that's the ticket. . .

  5. Some people are just so sensitive...Geez...get a life. The US has turned into such a friggin litigious society, everyone lookin for their ticket out. Doing insurance defense legal work, the number of bullshit cases is unreal and I always think I've heard it all until the next case rolls thru the door cause Shenaynay doesn't want to work AND she wants a jazziscooter to haul her fat ass around. And why? Cuz the dumbass knocked a cubicle wall over when she stumbled so somehow it is the manufacturers fault. But I digress... Anywho

  6. TO: DALLAS DANDY & others:
    I agree with you about society being litigious but I can tell you that it isn't what you think in this case. I know the woman that this happened to because I used to go the the games a lot. She was seriously injured--I saw her and there was blood everywhere---her nose was broken and the bone on one side of her face was shattered and is no longer there--the ball hit her so hard that one of her eyes was pushed out temporarily. So please before we judge people we should know all the facts--this was not about this woman "looking for her ticket out" She is not like that at all--trust me. I have heard her medical bills were astounding and that is what this was about--; it was not about making money. She truly is a wonderful and kind person who doesn't deserve people comparing her to someone like the woman who was burned by coffee at McDonald's and sued. None of you saw her when this happened--I did and I saw her after and it is a shame she had to go through this and it is a shame that people are criticizing her--after all she is the victim--we should be criticizing insensitive Don Logan and the 51's who insulted this woman with their cruel treatment. So again please don't pass judgement on people when you are all outsiders who don't have the facts. Thank You

  7. Point taken, and I'll take your word for it. In truth, as I stated before, I only posted this story as a bit of a gag on the names involved in the story (which turned out not to be all that good of a joke).

    Please keep in mind that this level of detail is not included in the story, and that if you (or those you know) are involved in almost any news story, the reporters almost always leave stuff out or get it wrong.

    And a blogger like me, who has a full time job, and limited time to do research on each posting is bound to step in it once in a while. Mea culpa.


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