Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kathy Griffin Splits from Apple's Wozniak

Photo from source, US Magazine

Posting a gossip item--particularly one from US Magazine--is quite out of character for me and this blog. But the item in this case is about one of my favorite personalities, comedian Kathy Griffin. And it isn't hearsay, Kathy is actually quoted. So, do I get a pass?

That said, I had my fingers crossed for Kathy--I mean a billionaire? And one who is a deity (along with Steve Jobs) in his own cult? I mean, how would you like to be the guy to follow him?


Kathy Griffin and Apple Billionaire Split

Kathy Griffin has split from billionaire Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

"He is an awesome guy, but I have to say he is in the friends category now," Griffin, 47, told at the GLAAD Awards in L.A. Saturday. . .

Read more at (can you even believe it): US Magazine

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