Thursday, April 24, 2008

Science is Cool: More Evidence for Evolution

I'm in the middle of a great book, by Richard Dawkins, called The God Delusion. In it, the author proclaims that his goal is for each reader to finish the book an avowed atheist. I've gone into the book agnostic to begin with--and I'm only half-way through it--but I'd venture to say he'll have won me over by then, at least in the religious sense. Atheists tend to discount all religion, as well as all things supernatural, and I'm not ready to drop the latter (more on that in a future review).

My reason for bringing this up, is that Dawkins approaches religion from a Darwinian point of view. It turns out, most arguments for God can be relatively easily debunked using Darwin's science, or logical extensions of it. That is why this article caught my eye, because it would seem that recent discoveries in genetics further bolster Darwin.

As interesting as all that is to me, I'm further intrigued by the response to this story on the arch-right-wing website, Free Republic. A normally lock-steppy, cohesive bunch, Freepers start to come undone when the subject of Evolution vs. Creationism pops up. After the excerpt below, check out their little slapfest. It's highly entertaining.


Scientists find a fingerprint of evolution across the human genome

The Human Genome Project revealed that only a small fraction of the 3 billion “letter” DNA code actually instructs cells to manufacture proteins, the workhorses of most life processes. This has raised the question of what the remaining part of the human genome does. How much of the rest performs other biological functions, and how much is merely residue of prior genetic events? . . .

Read more at: PsyOrg

And the Freepers' reaction: Free Republic


  1. You definitely can be had when it comes to discounting religion...HOWEVER, some of the events that occurred at the house on Robbins are definite displays from the supernatural. are not an atheist...GOD rest yer soul!

  2. I'm saving that discussion for after I finish Dawkins' book. I'll write a recaplet (reviewlet?). . .you know, whatever is shorter than a book report. And I'll explain my divergence from atheism.

    And what's this "God rest your soul" business? I am not dead! Are you trying to put my sould to sleep? You sick bastard! :)

  3. Well, you are OLD yes..perhaps you need to euthanized, at least until you morph into a younger Jamie somewhere's around August 23.

  4. Yes, it's funny the new wave of "youth" that washes over me every August. It's amazing. What's that wave feel like to you? Hehehehe. . .


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