Monday, April 28, 2008

Did Rev. Jeremiah Wright Say Something?

Photo from source, TIME

Honestly, I really hope the average American doesn't care about this flap as much as Sean Hannity does. I think if anything, the incendiary statements made by Barack Obama's pastor privide an excuse for some people to dislike Obama, more than anything else. Let's be honest, bombastic African American preachers make a lot of white people (and likely some others) uncomfortable. The fact that he said some things that are now said to be "anti-American" allows people to rename their discomfort, from racism (something most Americans don't want to see in themselves) to patriotism. Just my opinion, of course.

For me, all religious leaders give me a bit of a wiggins, from the syrupy-sweet ones, to the fire-and-brimstone ones. And I have to wonder, would the utterances of Mitt Romney's spiritual leader have made Americans more comfortable than Rev. Wright's? Ultimately, it shouldn't matter. A person's religious beliefs are supposed to be private, and should have nothing to do with their political life. Unless, that is, they overtly mix the two like George W. Bush or Mike Huckabee. So far, I haven't seen Obama do that sort of thing. So what's the big deal?


Jeremiah Wright Goes to War

Maybe Barack Obama skimped on his contribution when the offering plate came past at Trinity United Church of Christ. Or perhaps he nodded off during one of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's sermons. It's hard to think of another reason why the Illinois Senator's former pastor would put on the kind of performance this morning at the National Press Club that can only be described as a political disaster. . .

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