Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton Vs. Barack Obama: The Final Battle?

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Oh, would that it were so. Hillary Clinton is the favored player in today's Pennsylvania primary. But the margin has been predicted between 5 and 20%, depending upon the poll or pundit. Personally, I'm hoping for a Barack Obama win, however unlikely that may be.

I say this not to irritate Hillary Clinton fans. I personally think a lawn chair with a "Democrat" sign on it would be a preferable vote to John McCain. Voting for a Republican--always a difficult thing for me to do--is quite simply a ridiculous proposition to me this time. And Hillary Clinton is far from the last person I'd vote for. In fact, when I had to "realign" after caucusing for John Edwards back in January, it was almost a coin toss between Clinton and Obama.

But enough is enough. Unless her win is huge and decisive today, I beg and plead (I can't pray, I'm agnostic) for Mrs. C to pack it in, and throw the weight of her campaign behind Barack Obama. There are polls, pundits and actual voters pointing to a close race in November. We can't afford a close race. There's no way on earth this race should be close. John McCain should be this year's Walter Mondale, George McGovern or Bob Dole. The map should turn BLUE on election night.

Every day that ticks by, McCain is somehow solidifying his position as a contender--even though there was near unanimous animus toward him by prominent Republicans before he got the nomination. There is an old adage that Democrats fall in love, and Republicans fall in line. If you're in love with Hillary Clinton, and she does poorly or only passably well today, I'm asking you to break up amicably. Agree to be friends. And join forces with those in love with Obama. Please?


Obama Predicts Clinton Win on Tuesday

Hillary Rodham Clinton invoked Pearl Harbor, the Berlin Wall and Osama bin Laden as she reached for a victory in Pennsylvania's Democratic presidential primary to recharge her comeback effort. . .

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