Monday, April 28, 2008

Kirk Kerkorian Buys Stake in Ford

Photo from New York Times
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Is Kirk Kerkorian actually C. Montgomery Burns? Seriously. He's got the vague Ruper Murdoch-y evilness about him, he's very, very old, and he still a fabulously wealthy business mogul. I mean, how many people born in 1917 would still be at it this hard?


Kerkorian Buys Stake in Ford

This time, Kirk Kerkorian seems content to hitch a ride on the potential turnaround of a Detroit automaker instead of grabbing the wheel himself.

In a surprise announcement, the 90-year-old billionaire’s investment firm, the Tracinda Corporation, said Monday that it was placing a big bet on the fortunes of the Ford Motor Company, acquiring 100 million shares of Ford stock and planning to buy another 20 million shares. . .

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