Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More on McCain and the Negative NC Ad

Photo from source, AZ Central

In my previous post, I put up the video in question in this story. Here, you can read a little background, and John McCain's response to it. I still think this is a classic "I'll take the high road, and let my surrogates get down in the mud for me" story. See what you think.


McCain to NC GOP: Don't run anti-Obama ad

Republican John McCain asked the North Carolina GOP not to run a television ad that brings up the controversial former pastor of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.
North Carolina Republican party officials insisted the ad will run as planned despite McCain's request.

The ad opens with a photo of Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright together and a clip of Wright, whose incendiary comments about race have bedeviled Obama. . .

Read more at: AZ Central

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