Tuesday, January 3, 2012

FOX Nation is So Predictable

During the slow news days between Christmas and New Year's, there was a "big" story on the cable news that was pretty silly. A video camera caught a shot of a child sticking its hand in President Obama's mouth. It was just a silly thing that's probably happened to countless people, and likely wouldn't even have been a story, if more were going on.
Image source: NewsCorpse

But, I remember telling The Other Half about this story. And then I said, "FOX News will probably run it with the caption, 'Obama attempts to eat baby.'" I wasn't too far off, was I? And before you say, "That's FOX Nation, not FOX News," I'd like you to show me the distinction. Uh-thankyew.

As a side note, I'd like to report that while conservative humor is still pretty impenetrable, at least this one passes for slightly amusing. But predictable.

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