Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Eulogized by Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi

This guy was only 43? Image from source, Rolling Stone.
This is perhaps the most honest, forthright appraisal of Andrew Breitbart you'll read anywhere. And since it's by one of my favorite writers, Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, I had to share.

(And, please, read the article before jumping on me too hard.)


Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche

So Andrew Breitbart is dead. Here’s what I have to say to that, and I’m sure Breitbart himself would have respected this reaction: Good! Fuck him. I couldn’t be happier that he’s dead.  I say this in the nicest possible way. . .

Read more (it's really good) at: Rolling Stone


  1. Sorry, Jamie, but that's pretty sick- I expected better from you.

  2. What? Did you read Taibbi's piece? It's outlined pretty well there, that Breitbart would have expected--and wanted--nothing less. There are very, very, very few people I'd give this sort of treatment. And you can check back and see over the years the deaths I've reported on. Breitbart is a special case. He was crass, brash, unscrupuless, nasty, confrontational. . .on and on.

    Breitbart may have been a decent guy behind the scenes. He had a wife and kids, and I'm sorry for their loss. He may have been--probably was--a great dad and husband. But his persona, the reason we know his name and are talking about him now, was abhorrent. That doesn't inspire warm fuzzies. But don't worry. I will reserve my inappropriate eulogizing for a very elite set, pretty much restricted to this guy, and the odd Cheney.

  3. i feel sorry for you, your friends, and family.

  4. And yet, you're anonymous. Did you read Taibbi's piece? See the type of person Breitbart was? His fame and reknown was his crass, nasty persona. We would not know of him otherwise. Again, there are very few people's deaths I would have this sort of reaction to. I suppose you're deeply reverent about every single death that happens, and hold your tongue into eternity if you think they were an awful person?

  5. James, when Ted Kennedy died, I mourned for his family and waited a feww days before I said he didn't deserve the platitudes he got.
    If George Soros or Michael Moore dropped dead, I wouldn't celebrate their death, though I think they are evil.
    I don't think Breitbart would like what Taibbi said. He probably would have said he is an advocate for his positions but he also defended some liberals and ripped conservatives as well- he just didn't rip on liberals.
    And no, I wouldn't hold my tongue into eternity on someone I didn't like, I would give it a week or two, at least, maybe.
    And when you die, would you like someone to rip on you like you did to Brietbart? I know I would wait at least 48 hours before I rip you. :)

  6. I don't know, Dan. Did you read what Breitbart said about Kennedy? That was par for the course for him. In my own defense, I relayed Taibbi and Seder on the subject, and witheld saying anything nasty about him. Everything I've personally said was true. This was not a cuddly, lovable, wonderful guy. Let me give you another example: Andy Dick. Would there be restraint about his passing? Because Soros and Moore are not equivelent to Breightbart. This isn't as much about politics as it is about being a nasty person. Moore is affable, and Soros is. . .well, I have no idea, but he's not known for being nasty.

  7. It has been months since Breitbart has passed, but his stench filled diatribes still haunt the youtube right wing mindset. He did nothing for humanity or make the world better. His contribution to society was to inflict hate, gossip and slander upon anyone that he felt he could destroy as a target. Some times, just for kicks. Is this the right wing paragon of virtue? Alex Jones and other conspiracy folks continue to say he was murdered by....???? (FILL IN THE BLANKS)

    Oh well, his death deprived the world of a change to see a bully get his butt kicked in court for the case Shirley Sherrod filled against him.

    A week ago another Andrew died, Mr. Andy Griffith. He left the world joy and a whole lot of laughter. Sorry Mr. Breitbart could not be more like him.


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