Friday, March 9, 2012

Kentucky Passes Short-sighted Religious Exemption Law

My religion. I'm coming, Kentucky!
There's a type of argument called a "slippery slope," and it's usually a logical fallacy (which FOX "News" and the religious right don't seem to recognize). That's because it's usually done like this: If X happens, Y will happen. And if Y happens then Z will happen. So, X leads to Z. But usually, the argument maker provides no proof for their work. They just make the logical jump past the link.

 But here's a case where the logic flows effortlessly. If you pass a law that allows for a religious exemption to law--except in the case of a demonstrable state's interest--you open the door to quite a slippery slope. For instance, let's assume you're a Rastafarian, and you really like smoking pot. Can the state Really prove a state's interest that says you can't? Or, how about you're a fundamentalist Mormon who wants several wives? Or maybe your religion dictates that you have special prayer rooms in your house or business that are against building or zoning laws? Or maybe your religion dictates that you walk around naked on every third Wednesday. Maybe my religion says I have to have 40 chickens, a goat and a milk cow on my 1500 sq. ft. suburban property. Maybe you're a cult leader, and you want to turn your condo complex into a gated, guard-patrolled compound.

Every religion is invented at some time by somebody. At any given moment, you could invent your own, and claim whatever rules (commandments) you wish. Nobody has the right to tell you that your religion isn't "real." I'm sure you can see that this could lead to chaos. Right? The fact is, when laws like this are passed, the passers only think of THEIR OWN, because to them, that is THE REAL TRUE religion. Because somehow the religion their parents instilled in them is coincidentally the correct one. They don't think that Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Rastafarians, PASTAfarians, and more will also be included. Good luck, Kentucky, you're going to need it!


KENTUCKY: Senate Passes Bill Allowing "Religious Refusal" On State Laws

The sponsor of Senate Bill 158, Sen. Jimmy Higdon, R-Lebanon, said it is designed to protect the free exercise of religion from unnecessary restriction by government. He said it would give courts "more ammunition in favor of religion" when considering cases such as the jailing of Amish residents in Western Kentucky who refused to use orange safety triangles on their buggies and Christians in Bell County who want to hold public prayer at school athletic events. . . 

Read more at: Joe.My.God.

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