Thursday, March 22, 2012

Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law, Jeb Bush, and Getting Away With Murder

As promised, here's my second Rachel Maddow Show clip, as promised. But this one is less snarky, and far more serious. It concerns the Trayvon Martin alleged murder in Florida, and how his killer (not just alleged) is hiding behind the "Stand Your Ground" law, signed by former Governor Jeb Bush. If you've only heard a bit on this story, I encourage you to watch this.

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  1. Wanna see this...but I think the link is wrong. Will check back. This is the etch a sketch clip.

  2. The Castle Doctrine made trespassing a capital offense, with homeowners as judge, jury and executioner. Florida has taken it a step further, harkening back to the days over a century ago when a black man could be lynched for walking in a white neighborhood. I suspect the Sanford police would have arrested Zimmerman if his victim had been a white middle-class kid. The law's language about "feeling threatened" is code that allows different standards for different people, since "feeling threatened" is entirely subjective.

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