Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mitt Romney Rocks the Mom Jeans While Being Clueless

Work it, Mittens! Image from Wonkette.

Yeah, I'm less interested in the story (tone-deaf Mitt Romney cluelessly brags about being wealthy) than I am in the photo. For a while, Romney's attire has attracted some minor buzz for his surely purchased for the campaign "dad jeans." But I'm sorry, this photo shows them to clearly be "MOM jeans."


Unteachable Mitt Romney Talks About His Owner Friends In Other Sports

A reporter asked Mitt Romney today where he thought free agent Peyton Manning should play football next season. Ahh, there’s a nice birthday softball question for ya! All he had to say was that he’s a Patriots fan, so he hopes Manning doesn’t play for a team in the same division. This is all he had to say. And he did! But only going out of his way to say something completely unnecessary, . . .

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