Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Right Wing World: Is Conservatism a Mental Disorder?

There's a really nasty, awful, almost impossible to listen to right-wing talk show host named Michael Savage. Well, actually, his name is Michael Weiner, but that beside the point. This odious fellow has a saying (and a book, and billboards) that goes, "Liberalism is a mental disorder." As a liberal, I don't think so, but I wouldn't, would I? One thing I do know, is that the most strident ideologues are often suffering from an extreme case of projection. They accuse their imagined enemies of precisely what they themselves are guilty of.

So, are conservatives mentally ill? Not all, certainly. But how does one argue passionately for their cause, when their cause is so very, very often wrong? The excerpted article below is written by a more competent author than myself, and he makes an excellent case. Read on. . .


At this point, being a conservative isn't a political philosophy, it's a personality disorder

Dear Conservatives, all of your ideas, when practiced, result in Epic Fail. Drill baby drill, BP Oil Spill. Let the banks get Too Big To Fail and police themselves, massive bank collapse. Teach abstinence only, teen pregnancies go up. Cut taxes for the rich while waging war, create a massive deficit. Trust me, I could go on. Your political philosophy is a joke, a tiresome reel of you as Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes, yet no matter how hard your ideas fail you insist that it is only your leaders who fail the ideas, so you have doubled down on stupid and insisted that by being really, really conservative, this time its' going to work, seriously. Modern day conservatives are trying as hard as they can to bang a square peg through a round hole, but don't even get me started on Marcus Bachmann. . .

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