Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FOX "News" Conservative Guest Debunks Chevy Volt Demonizing

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For reasons I cannot fathom, conservatives love to bash the Chevy Volt hybrid car. Though Chevrolet is an American company, and the Volt is an innovative vehicle, Rush Limbaugh, FOX "News" and thus all of right-wing world despise the car. So, how funny is it that a conservative guest on GOP-TV debunked all the crap they've been flinging at the Volt?


Fox News Debunks Right-Wing Lies About Chevy Volt: It’s ‘An Anti-Terrorist Weapon’ And ‘The Safest Car On The Road’

It’s one of the most remarkable interviews ever seen on Fox News. Yesterday, a conservative guest debunked all the destructive myths their pundits having been perpetuating, decrying their “fetish for demonizing the Volt.”

Conservatives, led by Fox News, have been pushing a variety of lies about the Chevy Volt. They’ve falsely asserted that it is unsafe and a creation of the Obama administration, using absurd terms to discourage sales like, “exploding Obamamobiles. . .”

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  1. Actually, magazines like have documented cases where the Volt has started on fire for virtually no reason. That is where it started.

  2. Which is apparently fixed: It doesn't explain why it's a partisan issue. . .except for the government bailout spearheaded by President Obama. . .which. . .WORKED!

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