Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Changes at Greenlee Gazette

This is my office right after I moved in in 2009.
I'll post the new move-in when it's done!

Posting has been a little spotty of late for two reasons, 1) the rebirth of my freelance graphics business, Greenlee Graphics, (but more on that later), and 2) the rebirth of Greenlee Gazette's office space. The resulting space will be used by both of course. And the change is mostly cosmetic. The Other Half is a very good house painter, and has done all of that work so far. My job has been moving the furniture, cleaning, buying the paint, and most especially, the new carpet.

My temporary space in the middle of the room.

I only moved into this space at the front of the house a little over three years ago. At that time, we switched the guest room and my office, to give me a more comfortable space, and to get me further away from The Other Half when he has to go to bed early for his job.  Back then, we repainted and redecorated my old space to make a cozy guest room. But we just moved me into the old guest room, and didn't change anything. The carpet came with the house 15 years ago, and has seen better days, so it was time. Also, we removed the last vestiges of our 12-year-old Cat. 5 wired network, and went entirely wireless.

A snarl of wires. . .

Wait, wireless I wish. One of my projects was to reduce the number of wires in my office. So, I removed two network cables. I got rid of one of my printers, that's two cords there. I now have a wireless mouse and keyboard. But even in my temporary setup, there is a snarl of wires under my desk. I have a TV, monitor, printer/fax/scanner, cable modem, telephone, CPU, wireless router and more, most with at least two wires coming out of them. I think hiding them is the best I'll be able to do.

But the resulting work, both on my graphics projects and on the remodel have left me less time for blogging. Or more honestly, less time where I want to blog! So please bear with me over the next two weeks. My target date for carpet installation is April 11-13, since I was told--after it was paid for, naturally--that it is a special order. I guess there's some poor foreign kids furiously poking yarn through mesh. I really shouldn't rush them.

More to come on Greenlee Graphics
Anyway, more details as more happens! And I'll try to keep the blog fresh daily, but maybe not as many posts. Thanks for reading.

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