Thursday, March 15, 2012

FOX "News" Host Suggests Democrats are for Voter Fraud

The FOX "News" Brain Trust. Image from Raw Story
No, you stupid oaf, Democrats are just pointing out that actual voter fraud is almost non-existent. When states put Voter ID bills before voters, it sounds so innocent: we just want to keep the elections fair! What's the big deal? You need an ID to buy a pack of smokes! Which is all true. . .sort of. The fact is, the reason so many (shhhh. . . .Republican-controlled) states are putting restrictions on voting is because they know that the people most likely to not have a photo State ID are more likely to vote Democrat. And FOX "News" knows this. They're just playing all innocent, "Why don't Democrats care about voter fraud?" They would. If there actually were any measurable voter fraud. But there isn't. You'd think this widespread push to enact legislation on a fundamental right, would have a tangible reason, other than suppressing Democratic voter turnout.


Fox News host suggests Democrats are ‘for voter fraud’

Fox News host Gretchen Carlson says she can’t understand why Democrats would be against discriminatory voter ID laws unless they are “for voter fraud.”

Earlier this week, the Department of Justice blocked a law requiring Texas voters to show identification on the grounds that it could disenfranchise Latino voters.

Similar Republican-backed laws have also been blocked or temporarily barred in South Carolina and Wisconsin. . .

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