Monday, March 5, 2012

Steven Weber: Fear Fracking

I haven't posted a piece by Steven Weber in quite a while. I've often said that the actor/writer writes like I think. . .If only my thoughts came out that well. Though I was slightly troubled by his revelation of a friendship with Andrew Breitbart (wow), his writing nearly always hits a bulls eye for me.

Anyway, I've been trying to figure out what the flying frack is going on with the GOP/Conservatives these days. To me, their unrelenting meanness--as evidenced by the late Andrew Breitbart and still-with-us Rush Limbaugh--is their brand now.  

Test welfare recipients for drugs! What, they don't use drugs more than other people? Who cares, test 'em anyway!

Actor/writer Steven Weber
All women who use birth control are sluts!

Gay people are evil!

On and on. But Steven's theory is fear. And fear may really be the root of it. Fear stokes other negative emotions, and can surely make a person mean. Make the people scared of the poor: They're drug users! Make them scared of "loose women." Make them scared of "teh gay." And you'll make them angry. And mean. And when you treat what they fear with meanness, you inspire a "they deserve it" reaction. I think ol' Brian from Wings is on to something here.


Fear Fracking 

I suppose it could be said that Rush Limbaugh and his brethren (and sistren) in the right-wing corporate media who regularly sculpt human behavior and current events into an unabashedly cruel and particularly paranoid narrative, only to then regurgitate it to their fact-starved audience like owls disgorging mouse-viscera into the open twitching beaks of its young, are only doing so because "It"'s there. . .

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