Friday, March 30, 2012

S'cuse Me, I's Bin Bizzy!

Notice that there haven't been many posts lately? That's because a heckuva lot is going on: removing furniture and painting two home offices (yes, we have two), landscaping, carpet installation, regular job and part-time job. And at some point, we have to drive to Arizona to get MegaMillions tickets! So yes, I've really been busy. I hope to be back to it later today, and probably a bit on the weekend. But it won't be until the early-to-middle part of next week that I'm back up and running at full speed. Please take a look around at previous posts, or at least come back later! Thanks!


  1. Wisconsin is one of the states that participates in Mega Millions, so we've already picked up a few while buying groceries.

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