Monday, March 19, 2012

FOX "News" Barely Covers Big Hate Crime Story

All day on the radio, and later on TV, I heard about the sad, infuriating story about a kid who bought some Skittles and tea at the 7-Eleven, and was killed on the way back by a confused vigilante. While the story could ultimately change to show the killer in a less hideous light, it doesn't look like the killing was justified, or that self defense was even an issue. But the incident is still being investigated, and we'll know more later.

A part of the story that has much less weight, is how the media is covering it. Most of the reporting I heard on it was fairly straight ahead news. And all of the commentary I heard was negative on the killer, which--again, unless something revelatory comes out--is understandable. But everybody was talking about it today, except. . .FOX "News." Well, once. They covered it once.* Here's a brief snapshot:

CNN: 41
Fox: 1

"What difference does it make?" you might ask. And ordinarily, I might agree. But FOX "News" is constantly making a big deal out of the mainstream media doesn't report the stories conservatives think are important. Whether it's the video hoaxster James O'Keefe's latest trumped-up story, or if a couple of surly dudes think they're the "New Black Panther Party," if FOX is covering it, they're also whining that other media outlets aren't. And nine times out of ten, the mainstream media falls for it, and begins covering the coverage of the faux outrage. At least this story is newsworthy.

*FOX may have aired more segments on it since the excerpted article came out, maybe even because it came out.


Fox News Not Really Interested In Reporting On Shooting Deaths Of Unarmed Black Teenagers

 Fox News can generally be relied upon for a steady stream of artlessly jingoistic vomit, spewing forth from helmet-headed hairspray sacks who move their lips while reading important reports on hurricanes and other outrages against Heartland (= white, irrespective of actual location) America. What Fox usually fails at, though, is reporting on outrages against Urban (= black, etc.) America. (Kenneth Gladney excepted!) The latest such outrage to receive Fox News’ patented bitchy silent treatment is the unprovoked shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager who found himself in the wrong Florida neighborhood (you know, where his father lived), being hunted like prey — ALLEGEDLY but also PROBABLY — by a local paranoiac vigilante known for being “fixated on crime and focused on young, black males.” Hmm, that description… kind of sounds like every Fox scare-segment ever? . . .

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