Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Listeners on Par with MSNBC?

Conservatives (and by conservatives, I mean the vocal, internet variety) love to say that nobody watches Rachel Maddow. Lawrence O'Donnell doesn't have any viewers. MSNBC is playing to six people. And they have a point, when they say that FOX "News" is the cable "news" juggernaut. It is. But Maddow gets about half (sometimes more, sometimes less) of the ratings her FOX competition, Sean Hannity gets. And I always want to shout, "two times nothing is nothing!" If Rachel gets no viewers, twice her viewership is also nothing!

Ahem. But most of us get defensive of our favorite things. Still, if Maddow's MSNBC show gets, say, 1.4 million viewers for her first-run show on an odd Wednesday. . .does the same amount of listeners to The Rush Limbaugh Misogyny and Racism 3-Hour Radio Hate-stravaganza equal "no listeners?" Because don't see the difference.


Rush Limbaugh's Audience May Be Much Smaller Than You Think

As Rush Limbaugh's show enters a second week largely without advertisers -- except, ironically, for government-sponsored public service announcements --  it's worth asking how big a sacrifice it is for brands such as AOL and AllState to stay away from the show.

. . .So there is it: Absent better data, only 1.4 million people listen to Limbaugh at any one time.

Read more at: Business Insider

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