Thursday, March 8, 2012

Video Compilation of Limbaugh Attacking Sandra Fluke 70 Times

Image found at Sodahead
When discussing the Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke story, it is always important to point out that Rush wasn't just wrong for treating a private citizen that way. He had the entire story wrong. Nothing he said bore relation to reality. Fluke wasn't talking about her own sex life. She wasn't talking about anyone's sex life. In fact, a major part of what she was talking about was contraception as medicine. It had nothing to do with taxpayer funding.

I've said all of this before, but it doesn't really seem to be sinking in. The Rush fans and FReepers are still calling Fluke a slut, heedless of the fact that it's all in pig boy's fetid mind. Pisses me off. And the ones who feel the need to try to save face have tried to make some sort of point using Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin names. Which is the classic apples-to-oranges comparison.  Aside from the fact that Palin is a public figure, she was used as a punch line. Limbaugh used Fluke as a punching bag. Don't believe me, watch this:

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