Wednesday, March 28, 2012

George Zimmerman Video Shows No Blood, No Injury

Maybe it's just from too much CSI and Law & Order, but when a person has been in a fight that resulted in "lacerations" to the back of the head, and a broken, bloody nose. . .well, you'd expect there to be evidence of that in a video taken later that day. You'd think there'd be blood on George Zimmerman from having shot Trayvon Martin, but that's where my CSI knowledge falls down, with geometry and physics being weak spots for me. But certainly, Zimmerman could be expected to be bloodied, bruised and a little staggery if all that he said is true. [Story continues below]

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Readers of this blog know that I don't usually follow "true crime" local stories that burst through to a national level. I avoid Nancy Grace like the plague. But this case has jumped beyond an ordinary murder case. For me, it has very little to do with race, per se, unless that was what motivated Zimmerman. A lot of people on the right (and isn't it amazing that a homicide comes down to right vs. left?) have immediately jumped on the race issue with both feet. "Zimmerman isn't 'white', he's 'Mexican'" they'll say. "What about that case in XYZ state, where a black guy killed a white guy, what about that?" 

As usual, my friends on the right miss the point.  The point is that Zimmerman was released with apparently cursory questioning. It's brand new news, as far as I know, that the police even took him in. Without benefit of lawyers, jurors or judges, he was allowed to go free--remains free, in fact--still with the gun that killed Martin. If Martin had gotten the upper hand, and wrested the gun away from Zimmerman, killing him, how many people believe the kid would have been released, with the gun? Okay, so maybe it could be about race after all. Or about the police siding with Zimmerman for a different reason. Whatever it is, it stinks.

I will concede that we do not have all of the facts here. And the facts may shake out differently than we expect. But I think it is very safe to say that the police did an extremely shoddy job on this, and/or the "Stand Your Ground" law is insanely written. Because I still can't see a way where it wasn't Trayvon Martin who had a right to stand his ground.


Trayvon Martin Case: Police Video Shows No Blood, Bruises On George Zimmerman After Killing

Newly released video of George Zimmerman at the Sanford Police Department the night he shot Trayvon Martin to death show the neighborhood watch volunteer without blood on his clothing or bruises on his face or head. His clean-shaven picture seems to contrast with the violent beating he told police he endured at the hands of Martin, 17, who Zimmerman said attacked him from behind. . .

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  1. I watched the video and you could not see much and that damn ABC logo hid his face most of the time.
    If Zimmerman claims self defense then the Stand Your Ground law may not take effect.
    But the bottom line is that we really do not know what happened that night, except what Zimmerman said and perhaps some eye witnesses.

  2. If the voice crying for help turns out to be Treyvon's, I think it will be very difficult for Zimmerman to claim self defense. And that dude doesn't look at all damaged--certainly not damaged to the extent of being afraid for his life--in that video.


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