Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Joe the Plumber Wins Ohio Primary for Congress

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Did I say that Ohio avoided embarrassing me for not voting for Rick Santorum? I take it back. Any state that would vote for Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurtzelbacher for anything is not to be taken seriously. Okay, maybe I should just save my ire for the 9th district, but still.

"Joe" gained fame by posing as a licensed plumber (he wasn't) named Joe (he isn't), and asked then-candidate Obama an inaccurate tax question. The reason this catapulted him to fame was that it prompted from Obama the inelegant response, ". . .right now everybody’s so pinched that business is bad for everybody and I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody. . ." And the right took that answer to mean that Obama is a communist pinko socialist (and on and on).

But "Joe" turned out to be less than he said, and was in fact behind in paying taxes. And he's kind of a doltish lummox. But that is all it takes--in this post-Sarah Palin candidacy America--to be a political superstar. Embarrassing.


Joe The Plumber Wins: Samuel Wurzelbacher Defeats Steve Kraus In Ohio Congressional Race

An Ohio plumber thrust into national politics during the 2008 presidential campaign has won the Republican nomination in his home state as he makes a bid for Congress. . .

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  1. Joe the Plumber Doesn't even have a Plumbing License... All 50 states in the U.S. require Barbers to have a License to cut hair but not all 50 states require plumbers to have a License... Pretty screwed up huh?? Ohio is another one of those states that doesn't require you to have a Plumbing License to Practice which I think is really stupid. They basically leave it up to the towns and cities to decide weather or not you can Practice Plumbing in that town without a License. A lot of times the town says " well the state don't require one so why should we", which is also ignorant. If the town requires a License then You also gotta go through the town or city to get your license. The state gives these towns and cities the authority to issue a Plumbing License which can easily become corrupt. Some People could easily get a License without putting in their time or having the Knowledge needed just because they know the right people. The State gives to many organizations the power to dish out Plumbing Licenses. There are some other States that Do this too Like Pennsylvania but not many. Ohio's Plumbing & Sewer Problems in the Future will be through the roof. By the time they realize that they should have made it a law to get the license through the state the damage will be done! I work for a Plumbing company in Illinois. We have to go through the state here to get a license. We keep our License at the top of our Website. It is something that we try to show to our clients immediately so that they know what kind of company the are working with.


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