Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Gotcha Journalist" (and Sean Hannity, Others) Get Themselves

If you're going to play "gotcha" with an ambush interview, you should probably be certain you have the right target. Didn't this doofus know what Bono looks like? And what the hell would it prove if they "got" Bono anyway? Hint: Bono isn't from Hollywood. Doofus.


Sean Hannity, Big Journalism run 'ambush interview' on Bono—but it wasn't him. Doh! 

Just when you thought the purveyors of ACORN conspiracy theories and heavily edited tapes of people
saying things that weren't what they actually said had reached a new peak in their efforts at pretend-time jourmanalism, they up the ante. Yes, the latest scoop from the Breitbart Brigades is an ambush journalism effort aimed at Bono. . .

Read more at: DailyKos

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