Monday, January 2, 2012

Fracking Responsible for Earthquakes in Ohio?

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Fracking is the practice of pumping fluids deep into the earth to break loose trapped natural gas. Many of the problems resulting from the practice--such as flammable tap water--were chronicled in the documentary Gasland. But even that movie didn't tell us about the possibility of earthquakes generated by the process.

The politics of fracking are predictable: liberals are against it, and conservatives are really, really, really for it. I don't know why. When big corporations want to do something, conservatives say, "yes sir!" apparently. But will they still feel that way if fracking causes a really big quake? What if Opryland or the Indy track get sucked into the earth? What then?


Ohio Earthquake Linked To Fracking Injection Wells

On New Year’s Eve, a magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck northeastern Ohio, the second quake to strike the region in a week. Saturday’s earthquake, which occurred in an area not typically known for this type of natural disaster, is being traced back to fluid injection wells at a Youngstown fracking site. . .

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  1. Even if fracking is proved to cause earthquakes, the corporate plutocrats will still be for it. They love to socialize risk and privatize profits, and fracking is probably the most obvious example of that. The gas company takes the profits, and FEMA pays for the earthquake recovery efforts.

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