Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quickie Movie Run-down, Part 2

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What's a movie post without the inevitable sequel? Well, I wasn't finished watching movies, but since my vacation is over in a few short hours, I'm betting that I don't squeeze in another one. So, here is my take on the rest of my vacation movie viewing list.

The Adjustment Bureau - This is a Matt Damon movie, based on a Philip K. Dick short story. Dick's stories are often filmed, but not always well. This one is sort of mixed. Bureau plays as more of a love story with some sci-fi/fantasy elements. I like Damon, which helps a lot. Not everyone will dig it, but I thought it was worth a view. *** (out of 5)

Weekend - The only "gay cinema" selection I viewed over the past week turns out to be very good. And that's rare for the genre. It isn't a major Hollywood production or anything. It's a British import, and is essentially just a quickie one-weekend love story. The accents can be a little thick, and hard to follow. And if you aren't interested in a gay love story, don't bother. But the performances are completely believable, and I cared about the characters. ***

Limitless - I'd watch Bradley Cooper read a newspaper for 90 minutes, but fortunately, this movie is quite engaging. The premise has Cooper's shiftless character taking a drug that allows him to use his entire brain all the time. This gives him a four-digit IQ, and turns him into an unbeatable business man. But the drug is highly sought after, and also rare, putting Cooper and those around him in constant danger. I really liked it, though my Netflix kept fritzing out, causing much irritation. Not Bradley Cooper's fault! ***-1/2

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