Tuesday, April 10, 2012

80s Sitcom Star Park Overall Running for Senate in Tennessee!

Back in the 80s, there was original programming on network television on Saturday nights, if you can believe it. And people didn't just watch it, they loved it enough to create hit shows like The Golden Girls and Empty Nest on Saturdays. A standout character on the latter was Laverne, the feisty nurse to Richard Mulligan's kindly doctor. She was played by Park Overall, and she was a key reason for the show's popularity and longevity. And now, she's running for Senate, which is cool. And she's a Democrat, which is cooler, except that she's from Tennessee, which makes it more difficult. Good luck, Park! Hey, if Sonny Bono and Fred Grandy--two weekend TV stars, Gandy also on Saturdays--can make it in Congress, maybe Park Overall can too!


The Sassy Southern Nurse From ‘Empty Nest’ May Be Tennessee’s Next Senator

. . .Park Overall, best known for southern drawling her way through brilliant roles on “Empty Nest” and Kindergarten Cop, will take on Corker this fall.

The 55-year-old sass machine formally filed the necessary papers on Wednesday in Nashville at the state Board of Elections. “Somebody had to do it and if nobody else will do it, I will do it,” she told The Greeneville Sun on Thursday. . .

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