Friday, April 13, 2012

Marcus Bachmann Still Trying to Pray Away the Gay

Oh, Marcus! You can't get rid of your outsized gayness with any regular-strength prayer. You're going to need Industrial Strength God in a Drum for that kind of job! Sweetheart, dump Crazy Eyes, change the clinic's purpose to a support-centered place, and come out! You might get a game show on Bravo, or a fabulous reality series on Logo!


Bachmann clinic continues ‘pray the gay away’ treatment

Kristina Lapinski, a documentary film-maker who is contributing to “Gay U.S.A. the Movie,” a documentary project, went undercover, and attended a session with Bachmann & Associates, the counselling clinic in Minnesota owned by Michele and Marcus Bachmann. Mrs Bachmann was a contender for the Republican Presidential Nomination, though she pulled out of the race at the beginning of the year. . .

Read more at (yes): Pink News

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