Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ron Paul Actually Won Iowa?

I guess this is a lesson: you can play by the rules as they are understood, or you can play by the rules as they are written. Something tells me that Mitt Romney's team is working overtime to sew up any straggling delegates.


  1. We have two straw polls and then we officially pick our delegates at the State Convention. People are chosen from their local caucuses to represent the party. Don't let these silly straw poll wins mislead you. Ron Paul has been Top Tier the whole time and within the three the entire time (which cannot be said for Mitt Rommney who came in 7th in the Ames Straw Poll last August).

  2. Straw polls--I agree--don't mean much. But caucuses and primaries are held to pick a preferred candidate. And Ron Paul's merry band of followers are scooping up delegates that were presumed to go to Romney. It may be strictly speaking within the rules, but it is also sort of an end run. If it were successful, it would crack my shit UP! I think it would be endlessly entertaining. But don't pretend it's all fair and square.


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