Monday, April 9, 2012

"Stand Your Ground" Laws Coincide with Increase in Justifiable Homicide

Sometimes political cartoonists nail it. Found at Moderate Voice.
I know that gun nuts enthusiasts read that headline like I read most headlines at Newsbusters: "Um, yeah, so?" But come on you guys, while anyone can agree with so-called "castle" laws that apply to protecting yourself inside your home, these "stand your ground" laws seem to give people who own guns the right to shoot just about anyone they think has it coming. And a flimsy simple story seems to be about all you need to be on your way, with your gun. And if you manage to kill the other guy, and he can't speak for himself, so much the better! The moral: the guy with the gun is right.


Stand Your Ground laws coincide with jump in justifiable-homicide cases

When Billy Kuch knocked on the wrong door, he had a cigarette in one hand and a shirt in the other. The homeowner, Gregory Stewart, stepped outside, stood his ground, fired a round from his semiautomatic into Kuch’s chest, and in the eyes of the state of Florida, committed no crime. . .

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