Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Newt is Going to Try Being Realistic

Maybe they can go into a his 'n' hers wig business?
Image from source, Politico.
No, if Newt Gingrich were going to take a realistic approach to his campaign, he would have quit weeks (months?) ago. He got a coda on his political career, one that was seemingly unsalvageable. And that says more about what kind of politician can thrive in today's Republican Party than it does about Gingrich as a candidate. I do understand--sort of--why Newt has held on this long. When it's over, it's really over. Sure, he might have a book or two left in him. Another sham "awards" program to scam gullible Republicans with.  Maybe he can go back to FOX "News" or failing that, CNN or something. But his career as a potential politician is over.


Newt Gingrich to look ‘realistically’ at campaign

Following his five-state shutout Tuesday night, Newt Gingrich sent the strongest signal yet that he’s nearing the end of his tottering campaign. “We’re going to look realistically at where we’re at,” Gingrich said at an election -night rally in North Carolina. “We are going to think carefully about how we can be the most helpful to this country. . .”

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