Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mittens Cleans Up, Assured the Nomination

Image of Willard from source, HuffPo
Well, we've known it for a while. Though Newtie and Ron Paul have been hanging on by their fingernails, Mitt Romney is now assured the nomination, barring a political bombshell or something. The FReepers have pledged not to vote for him. It will be interesting to see if "FReeper" is as useless as "PUMA" was in the 2008 election. And it remains to be seen if anti-Obama hate will equal pro-Romney love.


Mitt Romney Sweeps GOP Primaries, Promises 'Better America' 

Mitt Romney laid claim to the fiercely contested Republican presidential nomination Tuesday night with a fistful of primary triumphs, then urged all who struggle in a shaky U.S. economy to "hold on a little longer, a better America begins tonight. . ."

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