Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Will the Far Right Wing Vote for Mitt Romney?

Conventional Wisdom is hard to peg for this November's Presidential election. On one side, you've got President Barack Obama, not as popular as he used to be. And you've got Mitt Romney, never particularly popular.

Found at the Conservative Daily News
Democrats, by-and-large, are either going to vote for President Obama, toss a throw-away protest vote, or they will stay home. Republicans. . .well, who knows? The moderate-to-rightish ones will probably vote for Romney. But what about the hard right? You know, the tea party, the evangelicals, the hard-line anti-abortionists? To some of them, Romney is too moderate, a RINO (Republican In Name Only), and to some of them he's a cultist (Mormon). Nobody on the far right is going to vote for Obama. But will they throw their vote away or stay home? is a far-right, tea-baggin', Sarah Palin-lovin', god-guns-and-(no)gays outpost on the web, a mainstay since the Monica Lewinsky days. They are a ridiculously extreme group, but as with Rush Limbaugh, mainstream conservatism has lurched so far to the right, they're oddly mainstream as well. And the FReepers are an excellent barometer of what self-declared "true conservatives" are thinking on any given subject. I don't recommend it for people with weak stomachs.

Anyway, some time back I noticed a post by the leader of the FReepers, Jim Robinson (Rim Job Jim Rob), who loudly declared that he wouldn't tolerate Romney lovers on his site! No way, no how would his site or his members promote or vote for that stinkin' RINO! When I read this, I believed it to be mostly bluster. Surely, when the time came to settle for Mittens, the FReepers would fall in line. I even saved the page, just in case:

Click either image to embiggen.

As you can see, Jim Rob is no Romney fan. But you know what? After Rick (don't Google me) Santorum dropped out of the race, I thought I should check to see what the FReepers were saying. I saw a headline, "This Level Headed FReeper is voting for Romney". But when I tried to read it, it had been removed, with a link to this one, "Notice: FR is and will remain a pro-life, small government conservative site. " So, I guess I have gained a small measure of respect for Rim Jobinson Jim Robinson, if not for the FReepers themselves.


  1. Well,the extreme right wing is very small and will not make a real difference in the election, just like the extreme left wing.
    But I do not know how the Southern Baptists and other evangicals will vote because of Romney being a Mormon. They certainly will not vote for Obama for being or acting like a Muslim or worse, a follower of Rev. Wright.

  2. How does one act like a Muslim? Especially while following a Christian pastor?

    And the extreme right wing is huge, if you believe the tea partiers when they claim so! That's your FReepers. As for the extreme left, other than Noam Chomsky, who are they?


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