Monday, April 16, 2012

Blast from the Past: Loverboy

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A bit of a blogging break this past weekend. 'Scuze me, I've been busy! Now, on with the show. . .

Yes, last week was part one in my Blast from the Past "ABBA Gold," but I wanted something different from that this week. We'll pick up with ABBA in a week or two. For some reason, the group Loverboy was on my mind. I think I must have heard a couple of their songs close together this week, and it just stuck out in my mind. I firmly believe that the group became famous for primarily two reasons: lead singer Mike Reno was cute, and that ass in the red leather pants on the album cover. Certainly, that's what people remember. But along the way, they had some pretty great tunes. However hopelessly mired in the 1980s they are.

And that's about it for Loverboy. They had a couple of other middling hits, but even some of these didn't reach the upper reaches of the charts. But they were fun for what they were. And I loved those leather pants. Happy Monday, everybody!

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