Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chris Christie Takes Israel

Favorite quote from Wonkette comments section: "Whaling Wall?"--Extemporanus
It has been some time now since there were rumblings of a Chris Christie for president movement. And we can't mention Christie and rumblings in the same sentence together (or a host of other words) without stumbling into a discussion of his weight. That's because Christie isn't merely overweight. Hell, I've been overweight. Rick (don't Google me) Santorum is overweight, but nobody noticed until the unflattering swimsuit photo. It isn't because Christie is fat. Newt Gingrich is fat, but it is several steps down the list of negative things about him.

No, Christie is morbidly obese. And I find it peculiar that a person so heavily (there I go again) in the public eye, for so long, hasn't done something about it by now. Surely he has a gym at his disposal. Surely he also has access to nutritionists, personal trainers, lap band surgery. . .I'm just saying, he knows he's really big, he's acknowledged he really needs to lose weight. But these long months after he was prominently thrust into the public consciousness, he's as big--and on display--as ever. So, pardon me if I don't believe any of the Christie for VP rumors.

Or, maybe Christie is counting on a constantly growing America to see him as one of their own? I doubt it. I really don't think that America will vote for an extremely overweight president.


Chris Christie Does Jerusalem: Vacation Pix!

The Good Governor Sandwiches of New Jersey, Chris Christie, is in Israel, on his first official overseas trip as head of an American state. (He’s making up for President Obama, who refuses to visit Israel because he Hates Jews.) How many unionized public school teachers will he yell at on YouTube while there? We await the final tally. Until then, let’s check out some photos from his visit to the Western Wall. . .

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  1. The guy's disgustingly fat. I could never vote for a politician that cares so little about his health. He's nothing but a selfish pig, someone that doesn't care about his family, only about when and where his next plate of food is going tom come from.

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