Wednesday, April 18, 2012

North Carolina Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment is Mean

Image from source, TPM

In my ongoing theme, Republicans are just freaking mean, comes this story. I know the source is a week old, but it really does point out what I'm saying. North Carolina has a amendment to their state constitution up for a vote that doesn't just ban same-sex marriage (something already in NC law), it undoes and prevents every other type of domestic partnership.

Why? Please tell me, besides meanness, why? Come on, you "small government" conservatives! Admit it, you just like being mean.


Beyond Gay Marriage: North Carolina Amendment Carries Massive Implications

When North Carolina holds an election on May 8, voters won’t merely be deciding the fate of same-sex marriage in the state; they will be voting on an amendment with implications that could affect gay and straight couples alike. . . 

Read more at: Talking Points Memo

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