Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nuge the Stooge: Ted Nugent is Himself, Attracts Secret Service Attention

Rusty, Mittens and the Nuge. Image from TPM.
No, this isn't anything to do with the Secret Service's HookerGate. . . this has to do with has-been rocker Ted Nugent shooting off his pie-hole, and inciting attention from the President's bodyguards. And it's about time, too. Remember back in 2008 when he made all kinds of gun "jokes" about then Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? That was glossed over by the Nuge's "friend," Sean Hannity, who has still not disavowed that.

This still only boils down to entertainment/infotainment figures. But why is it that Hillary Rosen's stupid statement ricocheted across the news cycle, even though she's just a CNN commentator? Rosen sounded bitchy. Nugent sounds dangerous.


Team Romney Gives Ted Nugent The Rush Limbaugh Treatment

. . .On Tuesday, Democrats highlighted comments made by conservative shock rocker Ted Nugent at the NRA convention over the weekend, briefly forcing the general election campaign into yet another disavowal-off. The Romney campaign played along, but with minimal effort — it blamed both sides for Nugent’s comments, with language nearly identical to its blame-both-sides statement on offensive comments made by Rush Limbaugh earlier this year. . .

Read more at: Talking Points Memo

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