Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sean Hannity Lies About President Obama and "New Black Panthers"

Ooh. Scary black people. Image from Mediaite
I'm sorry, let me give you a second to catch your breath from that stunning headline. Sean Hannity lies? Actually, maybe that is slightly unfair. Sources say that Hannity isn't very bright, and is actually just a puppet of others, namely Mark Levin. So, Levin may be lying through Hannity, I suppose. In any event, it's rather despicable that FOX "News" is so desperate to paint Obama as dangerously black. And that they expect that their audience would lap that sort of thing up.


Sean Hannity Resurrects Lie That Barack Obama ‘Spoke With’ New Black Panthers

As part of a despicable years-long attempt by conservatives to associate President Obama with the fringe New Black Panther Party, Fox News’ Sean Hannity resurrected a smear that President Obama “spoke with” the designated hate group at a 2007 event, and chirped, “There’s a picture of that!”. . .

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