Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ChrisTwire Attempts to Salvage Santorum's Name with Easter Products

One of the many fabulous products
available from the geniuses at
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Okay, kids, we won't have Rick (don't Google me) Santorum to kick around much longer. . .well, unless he's delusional, but, you know. So, we have to get our licks (ewww) in right now, while the frothy mixture is hot! ChrisTwire has come up with a genius way to salvage the name that the filthy Dan Savage has rendered unspeakable. And they may be on to something!


This Easter, Help Take Rick Santorum’s Good Name Back With This Delicious Santorum-Flavored Holiday Meal!

Senator Rick Santorum has devoted his life to promoting Christian love and charity in America. For his humble efforts, liberal media operatives have branded him with a libelously offensive label that defies decency, reason and any foundation of compassion. One man in particular, notorious pervert Dan Savage, has led the charge. Hacking into Google’s internet search engine technology, Savage was able to effectively defame the good Senator. . .

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