Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Keith Olberman "Screwed Up" Going to Current TV

I have enjoyed Keith Olbermann's television show greatly in the past. But because he puts on a good show doesn't mean he's a nice person. It would seem he leaves a trail of disgruntled employers in his wake, and that can't all be their fault. Here, Olbermann takes responsibility. . .for starting his program at Current TV, not for it's ignoble end. I hope he lands another venue, because I enjoy his output. But maybe he needs to try self employment.


Keith Olbermann on his stint at Current TV: ‘I screwed up’

During an Tuesday night appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, liberal political commentator Keith Olbermann addressed his abrupt exit from Current TV. . .

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  1. What an arrogant ass. Man, I love him. Here's to hoping he remembers to take his antidepressants as prescribed and that he lands another show soon.

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