Thursday, April 12, 2012

FOX "News" Mole Found Out, Fired

Image from Washington Post
I really like the idea of being a mole at FOX "News." I was once a safety auditor for amusement rides, and would pose as a rider while evaluating the operators. But I had no secret desire to take down Knott's Berry Farm, y'know? FOX "News" though? Yeah, baby, that would be fun! Too bad he got busted.


Gawker’s Fox News mole is outed and ousted

America knows Fox News as the country’s highest-rated cable news network. It regularly trounces not-really-rivals CNN and MSNBC in the ratings.  But Fox News employees know Fox News as a clampdown operation. Defined as a “severe or concerted attempt to suppress something,” “clampdown” describes just how Fox treats the sharing of information about its operations with the outside world. . .

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