Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bill Maher's New Rules for 2013

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The worst thing about being a fan of Real Time with Bill Maher is the duration of the show's hiatuses. It used to be worse. A few seasons ago, they started spreading the off-time out a bit, but it's still long stretches without one of my favorite programs. I understand that Maher is a standup comedian, and needs to hone his craft, but it's not like the program is a Daily Show (A-HEM! Which takes shorter breaks. End of rant).

So, I'm glad in the down time, that Maher has some New Rules for us. Can't wait for the end of the break!


New Rules for the New Year

2012: I call it the year in “meh.” Not the worst we’ve ever experienced, but nothing particularly great to say about it either. Like being a socialite, but in Tampa. I am looking forward to 2013, however, because I love the odd-numbered years — they’re the ones without congressional elections, Olympics, World Cups or weird extra days tacked onto the calendar by so-called scientists. Odd-numbered years are chill. They’re the 3 p.m. of years — that small sliver of time when lunch is digested and it’s too early to think about dinner and you stand at least a fighting chance of getting something done. . .

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