Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Republican Official Hangs Flag Upside Down on Inauguration Day

Image from source, Think Progress
Oh, for pete's sake. This crap is just getting ridiculous. Remind me again why The Dixie Chicks faced the wrath of the right? Oh yeah, it was for the comparatively mild statement that they were embarrassed by Dubya. Back then, any dissent by anyone about anyone in the Bush administration was called un-American and worse. Loudly. Vociferously. Why does just about anything go, now that it is a (black) Democrat being re-inaugurated?


Republican Official Hangs Upside Down American Flag In Protest Of Obama’s Inauguration

The head of the Mon Valley Republican Committee in Pennsylvania is facing backlash from his local community after displaying an American flag upside down — a statement usually meant as a distress signal by soldiers in times of war — during President Obama’s second inauguration ceremony. The flag was placed outside the Mon Valley Republican Party’s meeting spot on the main road in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. . . 

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  1. Well, I think the upside down flag is appropriate in Obama's case. He is the worst president- bar none. The true unemployment rate is much higher than is reported, the deficit has skyrocketed, we are laughing stock in the world, the Afghanistan policy has cost American soldiers their lives, his policies have been a failure and so much more. In addition, 113 rounds of golf, 83+ days of vacation, fancy feasts all the while, millions are struggling to get by. The Obama tax hikes also have hurt almost everyone, the Obama economy still sucks and the list can go on and on.
    I realize you were a pretty much a 1 or 2 issue person,but you have to admit that things have not improved under Obama.

  2. When Obama's vacation days approach W's, we'll have something to talk about. Though "vacation" for a President is always a working one. "Worst president, bar none" is a very subjective opinion, one not bourne out yet, and one not shared by the majority of Americans. We WERE "laughing stock" when Bush was running around beeing a complete goof, rubbing dignitaries' shoulders and just being a tool in general. The tax hikes are also a mystery to me. . .which ones? There have been few. Cigarettes? Tanning booths? The end of the payroll tax holiday (implemented under Obama, always intended to be temporary)?

    There are a whole list of things that you and other conservatives tick off that are just not true, like those above, and things like illegal immigration, taxes, deficit and spending are actually all down under Obama. A simple Google search (excluding World Nut Daily, Red State, Free Republic, et. al) will show you this. If everything Sean Hannity says about Obama were true, I might agree that Obama is just some sort of monster! But most of it is not true.

    And no, Dan, I'm not a 1 or 2 issue voter. There are issues that are stronger for me than others, but I don't have a blind spot for them. I just want you to realize that we don't see Obama through the same prism. I think you start out with the premise "I don't like this guy, let me find reasons why." I'll grant you that I give him more leeway than I was willing to give Bush. I'm sure that goes in reverse for you. But I never would have hung the flag upside down, or participated in these ridiculous conspiracy theories so many conservatives are bogged down in. And I would contend that things have most definitely gotten better over the Obama presidency. The first two years, we were still pulling out of a deep slide. We haven't crested the hill yet, but we're going up, not down.


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