Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Drudge Report Compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin

Actual screen capture from January 9, 2013 Drudge Report
Ok, gun enthusiasts: it's time for the sane among you to speak out against the crazies, who are coming out of the woodwork and becoming the mainstream, public face of your movement. You're losing people like me who were formerly Switzerland on the issue, and turning us against you. When you turn freakazoid nutbags like Alex Jones into right-wing, gun rights heroes? When you start making the ridiculous, above (very shaky) comparisons between President Obama and murderous dictators? You start to look absolutely out of your gourds, and impossible to take seriously.

SIDEBAR #1: I can't help but notice when I visit some right-wing sites, how unusually ugly they are. I'm not talking about their subject matter (though it qualifies), I'm talking about the mid-1990s designs of the things. The Drudge Report is one of the least attractive-looking sites on the web, and yet it is still (unbelievably) one of the most popular sites in the world. might be even worse (in every conceivable way). I'll be the first to say that some modern designs, with too much animated, tiled, abbreviated or self-running content can really blow as well, but these sites are just irredeemably ugly.

SIDEBAR #2: How is it that The Drudge Report manages to remain one of the web's most popular sites anyway. I know that Drudge gives his readers a menu that they love to order from. But it's just a menu! Does Drudge actually write anything besides salacious headlines? He's an aggregator who occassionally inflames with his (brief) words, and his choice of images. How does that translate in to web superstardom? I don't get it.


  1. Of course you don't 'Get It'. How could you possibly understand the popularity when you state the reason for the popularity and then don't realize what you said.' I know that Drudge gives his readers a menu that they love to order from.' Liberals are so dense. "But it's just a menu." The answer is simple: Like a 'juke box' with all our favorite music, it's the selection of stories we want. Get it now? Probably not.
    Now if you need an explanation for 'juke box' I suggest you try Webster's Dictionary website.

  2. Okay, you finger-wagging jackass (posting anonymously, how brave), I'm saying, I don't understand how a guy who basically just runs a menu is regarded as a chef. What does Drudge (gay, by the way, ha!) DO to deserve the fame and fortune you guys give him? And you didn't explain away the basic ugliness of his and other right wing sites.


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