Friday, January 11, 2013

In Other News, Ted Nugent is an Idiot

64-year-old gun-toting idjit Ted Nugent.
Image from source, Wonkette.
The sole reason for this post is that I looked at the accompanying picture, and all I see is:

"Hey Vern! I'm a moron!"

But truthfully, I think that does a disservice to the late Jim Varney, who was actually quite talented, and much more than the "Ernest" character that came to define him. Hey, at least Varney was willing to perform other roles, unlike Larry (Dan Whitney) "The Cable Guy." And at least Varney wasn't an embarrassing, past-his-prime, pants-load like "The Nuge."


Ted Nugent: Shooting Everyone In Sight Is The New Civil Disobedience

Hey did you guys check out WND? They have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Ted Nugent! Exclusives are exciting! Exclusive means that no one else on the whole internet has this Ted Nugent masterpiece. Wait. Now that we think about it, this would pretty much be the case for every piece of writing on the internets, unless you are a news aggregator. . .

Read more at Wonkette


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