Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jon Stewart Takes on Gun Control

It's a question I've been asking for a few weeks now. Why is it that we as a country can overreact to any perceived threat, every imagined  calamity (albeit usually after the fact), except for anything to do with domestic guns? If it's a terrorist with guns, that's a whole different thing. In fact, I wonder when we'll have our first armed Islamic militia, and what the FOX "News" reaction to that will be. But I digress. Jon Stewart was off the air during the Sandy Hook massacre, so was slow to comment on it. But boy howdy did he do an awesome job. Took the words right out of my mouth, made them a whole lot better, and then managed to make them funny. Kudos, Mr. Stewart.


  1. Yeah ban on guns that will work just look at the ban on alcohol and drugs that worked out great putting law out that criminals won't break really. What we need is a snapout of it pill anybody that thinks that will work could take. There are more guns than people in USA always will be, focus should be on the parentless wacks doing the shooting they are in the areas with gun control

  2. Did you watch the piece at all? ? NOBODY but crackpots are talking about banning ALL guns. We're talking about reasonable, sensible potential regulations. I don't think anyone's even claiming to have all the answers. The whole point of the Daily Show clips above is that we ought to be able to have a discussion about it. It shouldn't be shut down by easily inflamed gun fetishists who have a meltdown at the mere raising of the topic.

    Your answer seems to be, "can't do anything about it, don't even try." And just as Jon Stewart pointed out, you're saying, "let's solve a gun violence problem by focusing on anything BUT guns."

    WHY do gun enthusiasts refuse to even approach the subject with anything but a combo of defensiveness and hostility?


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