Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy 91st Birthday, Betty White

Still sassy after all these years. Image from Jezebel.
I started to type that Betty White has been famous and popular ever since I've been alive. But that's pretty much true for everybody. Like everyone, I watched her on Mary Tyler Moore, but unlike everyone, I also watched her on The Betty White Show. That one didn't take. I especially remember her (I mean, before The Golden Girls) from her guest spots on game shows like Password and The Liars' Club. The bubbly, sweet, kinda goofy, and kinda bawdy gal she is today she was then--as much as 70s television would allow anyway. And then of course, add Betty's sitcom and movie triumphs from the 80s to today (if you forgive The Golden Palace), and there's a career of making more people happy than just about anyone, ever. So, happy birthday, Betty!


Betty White Turned 91 Today, Let’s Celebrate the Nonagenarian by Talking About Her Rad Life

Not just anyone is celebrated with a birthday special featuring Bill "Hillary's Husband" Clinton*, but that's what happens when you're Betty White. . .

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