Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hillary Clinton Rocks Congress, Part 2: Sen. Ron Johnson Gets Slapped

This is the defining moment in Hillary Clinton's Congressional hearing on Benghazi, and it addresses the point that strikes me, as I've said again and again. What difference does it make now, whether we knew immediately about protests over an anti-Muslim film? It's not a crucial bit of information that work-a-day Americans needed instantaneously. Why people like Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wi.) continue to harp on this irrelevant point* eludes me. Regardless, Hillary Clinton nailed it, and she just kicks so much ass. Hillary 2016!!!

*Actually, it doesn't really elude me. I'm pretty sure the reason is that the Benghazi storyline was drubbed into Rush Limbaugh's and the FOX "News" audience relentlessly, and that this point is what they were harping on. Why doesn't matter, because Right Wing World doesn't have to make sense.

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