Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Averted (For Now). . .Can We Talk About Something Else Now?

Image from source, Politico
Well, my 12-day (unpaid, but well worth it) holiday break is at its end. And so is my blogging break. I'll be back on my more usual schedule now. It's funny that when I have more time to blog, I do it less. But let's face it, Since Christmas, the only stories were the FISCAL CLIFF!!! and Hillary Clinton's blood clot. MSNBC was showing Lockup Raw and a few repeated year-in-reviews, CNN was on the afore mentioned stories, and I refuse to watch anything beyond FOX "News" Sunday on GOP-TV, and that is just for opposition research.

Anyway, the whole fiscal cliff dealie has been solved, more or less. At least until March, when they're all going to go stupid on us again. And while you may be able to say that both parties are partially responsible for the ridiculousness of it all, I just don't see how anyone could call it equal. John Boner Boehner and Mitch McChinless McConnell are just such ridiculous, unserious tool bags. I honestly have no idea how they manage to hold onto leadership, or why they are the best the GOP can put up there. Embarrassing man. I'm just hoping we can talk about this today and maybe tomorrow--and of course on the Sunday shows, and then be done with this shit for a while!

Oh, and Happy New Year!


The fiscal cliff deal that almost wasn't

House Speaker John Boehner couldn’t hold back when he spotted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the White House lobby last Friday.

It was only a few days before the nation would go over the fiscal cliff, no bipartisan agreement was in sight, and Reid had just publicly accused Boehner of running a “dictatorship” in the House and caring more about holding onto his gavel than striking a deal. . .

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  1. Of course, our paychecks for us peons are still going down, thanks to Obama and Congress because of the payroll tax.
    Another Obama tax hike.
    Anyways, happy News years to you and your partner and hope your year is prosperous and you have few electronic problems, unlike last year.
    Thanks again for the help you gave earlier this last month. I appreciate your friendship even though we have never met and have little in common, except we are both pretty good people.

  2. Well, yes, sort of. The payroll tax cut was never intended to be permanent. So, while you could call it a "tax hike," it's really just an expiring tax break. Making it permanent would endanger Social Security.

    But thanks for the well wishes. Right back atcha, and no problem with the help. And you never know, Dan, we might have other stuff in common. I love Yosemite Sam!


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