Friday, January 4, 2013

Awesome State Department Smack Down of FOX "News"

You know me, I love just about any skewering of FOX "News," so much that I use quotes around the second word wherever possible. But how often toes a smack down this thorough, this snarky, this elegantly worded, and this authoritative happen? It's a thing of beauty.


State Dept. slams Fox News ‘credible journalist’ for ‘asinine’ question about Clinton’s health

. . .“We owe you an apology,” Reines wrote. “I’m almost embarrassed to even admit this – but somehow your question at today’s Daily Press Briefing was somehow completely mauled and transcribed in the release. I just called them and read them the riot act for putting such misleading, accusatory, and absolutely asinine words in your mouth. Because after what we and her doctors explained over the weekend regarding her health, you couldn’t possibly have been insinuating the ulterior motives that question implies. No way. No credible journalist would do that without any basis whatsoever. . .” 

Read more at: Raw Story

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